Saturday, July 7, 2012

Snippets & {Sound}-bytes

Music and pictures, they are a BIG part of my world.

There is rarely silence.  

I drive, I sing.
I shower, I sing.
I cook, I sing & dance.
I work with headphones in one ear most of the time...

XM, Sirius, Pandora, Spotify, Shazam: words that look like they belong on prescription bottles. 
How fitting. Music, like laughter, is often the BEST medicine.

Sometimes when conversation just falls flat, music fills the void. 
 Lyrics become the poet. 
Tempo becomes the heartbeat.
I listen to with my eyes, my ears, my heart, my mind. 

So, I present a new label: Snippets and Sound-bytes.  
The music that is the soundtrack of my life. 

These will be frequent pit stops in this thing I call my blog - the chronicles of my life's adventure.
For what is a good road-trip with out music? & we will simply have none of that here.

Here are a few of my new and old favorites that spoke to me this week: 

This sunrise, 6am on July 5th after a long mid-week holiday graveyard shift,
 I walked out of the building and it was unusually windy and cool for a July morning.  
The air was kind of hazy, I suspect it was still smokey fireworks remains from the spectacular, spectacular show the neighbors put on all over town. 
I ended up taking the long way home to try and grab a picture of this sunrise before I went home to bed and came across this heard this new song and instantly picked up on these lyrics : 

We are listening
and we're not blind
This is your life
This is your time

Yes, Snow Patrol, this exactly the message I've been hearing over and over lately!

Oh, Florence, you sultry redhead you, sing to me!!  
I was never a huge fan of this song until the beginning of this year in a Vinyasa class, a 2.5 hour workshop actually, all about hips and twists. 
My two favorite teachers taught they class together - they are like Lucy & Ethel. 
To break it all up, this song came on, and we all just did what the lyrics said to do: 
shake it out, shake it out, ooh woah!  
I had to actually feel this one before I heard it, but when I did, these words stuck with me: 

It's always darkest before the dawn
It's hard to dance with the devil on your back, so shake him off 

Do yourself a favor, find a couple of minutes, maybe a spot where you can dance like no one is watching or like you were a kid again and turn this on and turn it up:  

And finally, these guys, 7Lions, what can I say?  
I couldn't find the Shazam button fast enough when this song came on? 
I never heard this before but I turned it up and rocked out with the quickness!
I went home and pasted it on friend's FB walls and demanded that we find our sports bras, go to the gym, and start running immediately! 
I pictured a svelte version of myself in some fabulous running attire chasing down a marathon barely breaking a sweat like I was part gazelle and not the actual version of how I run like I have developed sudden onset asthma and my lower body feels like it's encased in Papier-mâché. 
Bruce Springsteen, you rock God you, you will always be the Godfather of Born to Run, but this is my new workout JAM!!!  

So what did you hear this week?  What songs do you have to share with me to add to my musical arsenal? 

~ Mix Masta Lolo


  1. I love this idea!!

    I'm a big fan of Snow Patrol...very cool band. I need to add that song to my running playlist. I might even add 7Lions!

    I've been enchanted by Lana Del Rey...her voice gets's so haunting (not really made for running nor is it uplifting music but I can't stop listening anyway).

  2. You captured Florence and Snow Patrol perfectly! You would have loved that concert!