Monday, July 30, 2012

My new friend: The Jewelry Whisperer

I have a tale.
It is a story of kismet.

Once upon a time there was a girl {*ahem* me}
who decided to start upon a new adventure {*ahem* this blog}.
She moved into the land of Blogspot and laid claim to her part of the land.

{thanks, Shane!}

Seeing as the new land was a Land of Lovelies, a new friend came along quickly and said hello.
{the new friend!!}
The new friend, a red-haired madien, was a regular in the Land of Lovelies.
She was also the host of many gatherings {that's a lot of linkage!} with all the other lovelies in the land.

One day she set up a market, a place where all the lovelies could come and share their wares & trade their goods.  Something they called "bling".

The new girl wanted to play and so one day that she stumbled upon a brand new trinket in her little cottage that she knew she could share.

{this little guy needed a new home and someone to love him}
She told her new friend that she would come to the market but did not tell her what she was bringing. 

A few fortnights later, the new friend sent the new girl in the land a message saying she had a arranged for a fair market trade with another lovely in a far away place {New Jersey!!}
An owl?!  How did you know new friend? 
Did the jewelry Fairy Godmother come and tell you what I had to share?

And then it came upon her - the new girl realized that her new friend was actually: 

The Jewelry Whisperer
{everyone say "Ooooohhhhhhhhhh" with me.}


Ok, so I'm not gonna quit my day job anytime soon and get paid handsomely to write fairy tales, buuuuut, I do want to thank Melissa, my new {and oh, so close} blogger bud for being a sweetheart, saying hi after she found me on Coast-to-Coast, pimping out my audience with a July post sponsorship, and then making such a fabulous, fantastic, fatalistic (too many F words!) jewlelry swap arrangement and helping me find a new home for a long-neglected piece of bling.  *hoo, hoo!*

Sandra, my swap buddy {yo! way ova' thea'} at RedRoseVintage, I hope you like your little treasure and p.s. your baby is so, so stinking cute!!

And, to Rachel from lalalists for my new earring bling, thank you!!

lala Lists
They're super cute, I would have totally snagged them at the store if I saw them.

This was a super-fun swap.
Now can we do it with clothing, furniture, and scrapbook materials that have gathered dust? 
Can we, can we? 
No. *sigh*
Ok, I'll head over to Craigslists before I have to be featured on an episode of Hoarders. 
I'm seriously like one Old Navy bag full of clearance items away from an intervention. 

Hope you all had a great Swapportunity too.

XoXo ~ Lauren


  1. Looooooved it!! Thanks so much!! Oh and your header photo is AMAZING!!

    1. Thanks! It's my iPhone while driving shot of the sun setting in Napa last filter even, the sky was amazing that night. Nice to meet you!

  2. they are super cute! thank you for visiting my blog. i had followed your blog. cheers!

  3. Loveliness - I have seen a whole bunch of owl related jewelry so far!!

    Visiting via The Jewelry Swap Hop :)


  4. Oh, love the fairy tale! I also love what you sent and received(:

    1. It was super fun! I wanna do it again :)

  5. haha you crack me up, LOVE the story you put together! So glad I found you in blog land!! Glad you got some super cute earrings!! Thanks for participating in the Jewelry Swap!

    1. It was way fun!! I wanna do it again! I have stuff to get rid of!! :)