Monday, July 9, 2012

Snippets & Soundbytes: {The Crazy Ones}

I'm on a roll.
I'm on a rock & roll with these Snippets & Soundbytes
I just keep hearing greatness that is fitting so well into my life these days.
Today's musical nugget is courtesy of a YouTube recommendation
it's what I have to imagine is the love child of a Steve Job's inspiration
but packaged up after a night of jagerbombs, tattoos, electric guitars, and amps.

I present: Stellar Revival "The Crazy Ones"

Yes, here's to the Crazy Ones, in quote, in song, in lyrics, and in Manifesto
Put your rock horns up and open your ears to the lyrics!

we are the heart breakers, risk takers
anything but boring
cause we are the crazy ones
the mavericks, the dreamers
the forgotten sons
we color outside the lines for fun
we are the crazy ones
When my mom, my aunt, the neighbor, or society tells me to turn this racket down,
I'll say this to them:
This is Janis Joplin, Big Mama Thornton, Hank Williams, and Count Basie.
There have always been rebels;
they just have a different sound, a different look and a different beat these days.

And....well, if that's not enough,
I'll tell them this:
I know crazy, it's runs through my veins, we cannot escape it.
Crazy is 2.5 years younger than me, bearded, and leathered by the sun:

{Ocean Springs, MS}
Crazy on this very day last year, one year ago exactly, after more than four months of walking, running, and crawling along this entire nation, ran directly into the Atlantic Ocean in Florida and put a loud exclamat!on point on the end of his Declaration of Crazy, his Batten Journey

Here's the to Crazies, to the Steve Jobs, to the Noah Coughlans, to all the dreamers who refuse to hear doubt, give up their bus seat, to step back from the ledge, or put down their guitars. makes this world go 'round.

~ Lauren

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