Saturday, July 21, 2012

snippets & soundbytes: {wasting time)

I had full well intended to stay in last night. 
It was hot and there was nothing pressing on my to-do list besides catch up on all my blogs and edit some pictures.  Instead, I found myself out at a friend's house in the country out back on the patio hanging out under the stars 

Managing to make it home before the crack of midnight, came home to the lone dog in the house, and did what I always do in this quiet museum of mine...turned the music on.  

Somewhere on random select, I was graced with this song and yes, again my "new" favorite who I've always heard a single at a time, but never really listened to.  

I listened to this rendition of Otis Redding's classic at least a half a dozen times while the dog ran around chasing down flies. 

I remembered the time I broke my toe a few years back at the Fillmore in San Francisco and rolled my eyes at myself. Logic failed me that night as I wore open toed shoes to a rock concert.
Oh well, what's a toe to sacrifice for a great concert and a good memory?

If you ever get a chance to go to a concert there, make sure you take advantage. 
It's a legendary place and the walls are graced with some of the most colorful poster art you can find.
Art you'll find in museums and in private collections these days. 
 If those walls could talk, they'd tell you they've played host to the musicians of the ages:
 the rock gods, the rebels, and the lyrical game changers.  

I leave you with another soundbyte in this soundtrack that is my life & a snippet from the photo journal of my misadventures I've been making one picture at a time for many years now.

{I've got to pay homage to the original, a classic feel good song you just can't help but sing along with.}

{3 Doors Down concert, 2008, don't let the smile distract from the broken, swelling toe that now points slightly to the left. It can tell you when the rain is gonna come}

~ Lauren 

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