Monday, July 16, 2012

snippets & soundbytes {the good life}

This just happened:

My dad called to tell me he had been doing some baking and had a pie he wanted to bring to me at work.
Just out of the oven, it was "on the porch" cooling off. 
Yeah, out of the blue pie-baking from my Pops.
Would me and "the shift" like it and could I meet him out front to get it. 
Who turns down warm homemade rhubarb pie?

So, I waited out front on the second story of the building looking for him to pull in. 
As I stood there watching the clouds roll by, hands in my pockets, whining in my head about the cold and how I might as well be on the Cliffs of Ireland {insert dramatic eye roll}, I thought,
"Self, stop whining.  How many people have their dad bring them warm, homemade, rhubard pie at work on Monday night? Also, (Self) one day you will be standing on the Cliffs of Ireland and you will really know what cold is then."

One headphone in, as usual, this song had been playing as background noise whie I waited there until I heard this lyric:

I made up my mind when I was a young girl
I've been given this one world
I won't worry it away
But now and again I lose sight of the good life
I get stuck in a low light

But then Love comes in

Pie deliveries, a constant stream of music, few worries at the moment, travel wishes that I know will come true some day, maybe sooner rahter than later. 
Things change so quickly, take advantage of today,.
What have I been saying in the last few weeks and months?
Life in this day, be anxious for nothing, pay attention to the details around you.

Sound-byte lesson of the day:
This is the good life.

...and one more sound byte just for good measure...
because the blues is where my heart is at
because I should have been listening to Sara Bareilles for many more years that I have currntly
because this is just a damn good song

Enjoy ~ Lauren


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  2. What a good dad!!! Lucky girl! Thanks for the inspiration. I think we all need to remember to slow down and enjoy the little things in life.