Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{10} Secrets

I'm always up for a good challenge and this one caught my eye.
Linking up with another Lauren over at:

Ten secrets you say...

For a girl who's fond of full-disclosure and wearing her heart on her sleeve, 
finding something that's secretive is going to be a minor challenge.
If you're reading this and you know me, 
you're probably laughing because you know:
1. I am rather outspoken  
2. you know I still have a little bit of shame left. 

so you say secrets and then I search deeply for answers
let's see what I can dust off out of the closet: goes...
1. When I was a kid, I used to bite my toenails.  
(yes, gross.  really gross. yes, I just admitted that.  
yes, I'm shaking my head at my younger self.)

2. I graduated high school with Honors and as the Valedictorian
and started my career at 20...
but somehow: 
I failed college geology...twice
and college algebra...twice
Cardio kickboxing...once
attendance was an issue for me you see...
(yes, you can fail cardio kickboxing)

3.  The National Anthem makes me tear up.  

4.  I have a fear of bodies of water I can't see to the bottom of:
yes, the ocean, lakes, deep name it, it freaks me out

5. I'm also fearful of being the lady with the smelly house

6. Somewhere in a journal, I have written down a list of baby girl names that I love.  

7. I fear that I may never actually use that list 
& then...  
this comes to mind: 

(...but listen, this isn't a pity party, so if you're not laughing after that, 
well then, we might need to have a little talk.)

8. My favorite number is 17 and it's from BackDraft's Fire Engine 17 
I love that movie and I loved firemen.  (past tense)
(also, this is the first time I've admitted this publically, 
now let's just forget about this silliness all together!)

9. I've come to conclude recently that I  stay busy 
because I get depressed sometimes when my mind has too much free time.  
People think I'm single and free and happy all the time, but I'm not. 
My life is like hair color...high-lights and low-lights.
Depending on how the sun is shining, you might notice one more than the other. 

10.  One morning a few years ago when I was in a deep, deep sleep after working 
a long, long graveyard shift, I had to pee.  
Bad.  Real bad.
But I was so tired and out of it, 
I actually dreamed that I had gotten up and gone into the bathroom. 
It wasn't until I peed
 {on myself - in my sleep - in my bed}
 that I woke up and shot out of bed and ran to the bathroom.

Yes, I was 27 years old and I peed in my bed.

There...see, I didn't do so bad, huh?


  1. Tooootally doing this next tuesday!!! :)

  2. you failed cardio kickboxing!? I failed self-defense in college. I skipped it all the time because it was at night, and I was scared to walk across the inner-city campus in the dark alone (which was why I was taking self-defense in the first lace. Hello!!)
    Following you now :)

  3. I cannot stand bodies of water I can't see the bottom of! This summer I went swimming in a lake and was literally freaking out the entire time!

  4. those are some awesome secrets :) i love that your failed cardio-kickboxing,pretty impressive lol

    thanks for stopping bymy blog!!

  5. new follower from the GFC HOp
    Misty @

  6. Our national anthem is amazing! I didn't think to put it on my list, but I peed the bed regularly till I was about 12. Yeah that stunk. Ended up going on medication to fix that. Once is not bad. That sounds like something I would do after a long night. Loved backdraft!

  7. Great list! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today!

  8. haha these are great! I have dreams like that all the time! luckily I never actually peed in bed, but I'm always afraid I will some day. And I have the same smelly house fear! For christmas two people got me scentsy stuff and I was sure this was a sign that our house reeked! hopefully not.

    1. Murphy's bro came over to help me with some stuff around the house the day after I put up this post...he came in and said "it smells like a dead rat in here"

      aaahh!!! #fail

  9. I'm terrified of water too. The one time I tried to overcome that fear go out on the tube with my cousins on Lake Shasta, a snake swam right by me. And Backdraft....yeah, we go way back with that movie hahahaha!

  10. As a could I was always picking my toejam, it drove me nuts having it between my toes.
    I failed geology in high school, I was horrible at it and couldn't stand the teacher!
    Keeping busy can be a good thing, I do the same thing. I have a bad habit of dwelling on things and then they really get to me and I wind up in a bad mood. So I clean clean clean til I can clean no more!
    Love your secrets :D

    1. I WISH I cleaned when I got in a bad least I'd be productive!

      Thanks for stopping by

  11. Hi Lauren! Following you through the blog hop! So glad to run into you blog...this post was a great first read for me! ;D haha. It's great to immediately find a girl who can admit she peed her bed & bit her toenails & enjoyed BackDraft! I'd totally hang out with you! Haha.
    Look forward to reading more of your blog :)

  12. I've had a list of baby names for a while now :) Totally normal. I'm really freaked out by bodies of water too--mainly the ocean because it is so massive. And the National Anthem chokes me up's just such an awesome feeling of patriotism that creeps up when you hear it. Thanks for linking up! Can't wait to read your loves next week!

    1. Tiffany, my anti-flosser!!!! I'm already planing out my loves for next week...:)

  13. Number one isn't so husband STILL bites his toenails.