Tuesday, August 14, 2012

this {picture} will remain

I was up all night but the morning meetings had yet to begin
there was barely enough time to rest my eyes
staring at the clock wishing it would roll back wards instead of steadily forward
afraid to sleep past the alarm, rest never came

I found myself rushing out the door 
kicking myself for being short on time and hating the feeling that brings every time
there's just not enough time in the day

racing.pacing.plotting her course
body hurting, mind tired, exhaustedly questioning my agenda

and then the light caught my eye
grumblings ceased as a I reached for my camera
the first shot was missed, I had barely a minute to spare, but I made it count
circled around and found the horizon again 
The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim His handiwork.
{Psalm 19:1}
this is as much justice as a picture can give to a breathtaking morning

I could fill albums with the pictures I've taken with one hand on the wheel 
and the other hand holding my camera 
I could dedicate a entire volume just to the masterpieces created by light and clouds

this morning 
even for just the briefest pause of a moment in an otherwise jaggedly scheduled day

 I stopped. 

I paused for a few breaths and drank in the sunshine
I smiled at the clouds
I felt the warmth of the blazing hot August morning drift in through the open windows

the rest of my day, it crumbled
it was interrupted sleep
hurried phone calls
political debates
passionate arguments about what is fundamentally right
staunch debate about who's going to be the right person to carry that message 
who will lead us collectively, consciously, honestly

in a few years, 
all the words I expelled today, all the opinions, all the worry and stress
they will be nothing but a memory

but this picture will remain 


  1. These are my favorite kinds of pictures!:) I catch one everytime I can!

    1. the sky makes me happy...even when it's stormy and grey :)

  2. I love your hand tattoo!!
    xo sandra

  3. It's hard to believe that where we live can produce such amazing sunrises and sunsets.