Thursday, August 23, 2012

bad days & {band-aids}

I just need to take a breath here to start with. 
Things are a little bit funky around here. 
and I ain't talking about the dishes or the laundry. 
I dunno...these things happen. 
I'm just feeling kind of defeated lately. 
Not enough time in the day. 
Gaining weight rather than loosing it even though I'm trying more lately. 
Got some other relationship schtuff going on. 
It's the end of Summer but I feel like it just started.
I miss...things, people, amenities...

Somewhere around 1am Wednesday,
 a call came into work  about some dogs howling like they were in distress.
The neighbor thought it was my dog and me in some kind of trouble.
Can't be...the dog was at my sister's and I was in the dispatch center until 0600. 
Sent a couple of patrol guys over to check things out. 
Yes indeed, there was a little dog behind the fence at the vacant neighbor's house.
Lemme give you a little preview of the all-night serenade:

By the time I got off, the little yappy cute thing had dug a hole over into my yard 
and was hanging out on my side of the world.  
And there was not one, but two of these little guys!

The neighbor's AC was on too. Suspicious. 
Squatters.  That's a possibility. 
Yeah, this neighborhood is getting all rolled up in a nice little hand basket for a 1-way trip somewhere here real soon.  Real soon. 
So I put in a call of my own and request for a house check
and headed off to canvas the neighbors. 
Said foreclosed on neighbor disconnected all his phones, 
so there I stood in my driveway trying to track him down via Twitter at 7am.  

FTW is going on?  Early morning emergency tweeting? 

Of course, I was almost late to my gym appointment like I am nearly every morning. 
I dragged in like my shoes were covered in cement.
This time it was like when you tell the teach that your dog ate your homework. 
Well, Trainer D, I'm late cause I was waiting for the po-lice, my very own partners to come do a security check on the empty house next to me for squatters. 
He just shook his head as he placed a barbell across my shoulders, 
resting at the back of my neck. 
You got squatters huh?  
Well get to squatting. 
A small scowl crossed my lips as I realized there was not getting away with anything.
As it should be. 

60 sweaty minutes later I was on my way home and on the phone with animal services. 
Checking over the fence to see my new little friends, I gave them a couple of treats, and then saw a number on their collars.  
Before I could make it in the house to call, a van pulled up and a window rolled down.
A series of questions about the dogs the AM disturbance, were they mine, etc, etc...
"oh you work for the police department, lemme ask you a question."  
6 questions later and having to defend both the Constitution and local law enforcement while standing on my front sidewalk still in gym stank clothes, I was finally released from Q&A.
Dog retrieval was a success after getting a hold of the owner (an out of town firefighter just getting off work), the pound is called off, I made it back in the house for a second time this time with a grateful handshake and a smile. 

Fastfoward to 4pm, got some sleep, (like alllll day sleep),
 but woke up totally dehydrated and sore. 
It was a draw.
Figuring that a few errands would help me feel productive, I headed out. 
I needed a pick me up and fresh flowers and some Zac Brown Band, well there ya go.  
Well kinda...there's some lyrics in some new songs I've heard this week, 
they just kinda got to me. 
I'm telling you, sometimes a good cry is all you need.
So I did. 
I was just having a good ol' cry and let-it-out session by myself in the house.

It was short lived 'cause then 
my sis dropped by and we got to chatting about...I dunno, sister chat stuff.  
"I want a Mcflurry," she says, "you want one?"
I don't think I spoke, I just grunted "Oreo"
Yeah...see that funkiness I droned on about in the beginning of this saga?
Yeah, Mcflurry ain't on the clean eating list folks!
It's not rocket science why I'm not loosing the weight!

Soo...elbows deep into planting some new flowers,
 my sis headed off to McD's for some treats. 
15 minutes later the phone rings. 
"My car broke down in the drivethru."
(short pause)
"Did you get the Mcflurries."
> ha-ha!<
10 more minutes later, I'm on my way to save my ice cream from melting pick up my sister. 
An hour later, it's not the battery, it's some other mechanical dilemma aaaaand we're I'm laughing.
{Briana is not amused by my picture taking, as you can well see...Not.Amused.At.All.}

{This is Briana again, calling Bubba, the mechanic while I make faces in my camera phone.  Picture 2, me listening to Briana's impression of Bubba, and finally picture 3, me laughing hysterically and Briana still talking like Bubba wathching her car get towed away.  I died a little.  Died of laughter.}
And I repeat she said, "All I wanted was a McFlurry!!!"

Poor thing broke down in the drive thru, four cars behind her, had to be pushed out of the way by an employee, after she just put $600 into the car last week for some other stuff after breaking down on some sketch road in the Bay Area, and she has a last minute 4-tooth wisdom teeth removal next Friday.
Oh yeah, and we're going to Vegas in like 3 weeks and all of her fun money just keeps going down the drain. 

{if, for the life of me I can figure out how to upload the audio clip of her impression of Bubba, I swear, I will find  away to put it here.  check is hilarious, sweet death in the McD's parking lot kind of funny}

Listen, these things...they make me laugh.
Stray howling dogs and Mcflurry rescue missions. 

I swear, even on bad, funky days, Life (see: God) has a way of patching up the rough spots with some funny schtuff. 
 A good ol' comedy bandaid was exactly the right treatment. 

You know what they say: Laughter is THE best medicine.


  1. Oh girl, sounds like a crazy week! Those poor puppies! They are adorable. You're awesome for dealing with all that, managing to get some squats in, and helping your sister...all for the sake of McFlurries! (Those things are dangerous). Laughter definitely helps get us through those rough and patchy moments!
    At least it's Friday now! :) Happy Friday, love!

  2. Lol wow that was a lot going on. Great post though!

  3. See...we have matching's like we're connected...YO! sigh... btw...I think I'm going to send you some money to win me some money in Vegas...I will never make it out there!

  4. You got squatters huh?
    Well get to squatting.


    So awful. My week had different things happen but sure did feel like it was that awful. We need to spend more time at the beach and less time being adults with responsibilities.

  5. Oh my gosh! I can't believe your sisters car broke down IN the Drive Thru. HILARIOUS!