Thursday, June 28, 2012

WIWW & a cup full of {Aloha}

So, will you all forgive me and let me play along today?  

It's actually Thursday and although I did have a floaty, flowly, flirty outfit picked out for Wednesday (which is actually the start of my weekend, I know it's very confusing this shift work business), the entire day got eaten up by catching up on sleep, housework, and an improptu dinner.

 Today stared off in uniform for a couple of hours, but when I got to work, I had this awesome belated birthday cup of Aloha! from my BFF who just got back from Hawaii.  
Score one for staring off the day right!
Aloha, it means love you know!
This just set the tone for the day.

Sometime in the middle of my Aloha, I stumbled across this blog by this sassy lady and let's just say for time's sake that there's this thing going on with me, it's like an onion, it's full of layers that just make you cry and cry and cry the more you cut into it, but somewhere in her blog and her stories, I found some likeness and when I shot her an email to tell her that, she emailed me back like 30 minutes later with a few words of advice.  Words.  They heal me.  I needed to see the ones that she had written in her blogs months ago and then to get a few personal ones from her today...oh, just a little more Aloha. 

P.S. she's funny, sassy, smart, AND she just got published!  
I bought her book I Made All the Mistakes: So You Don't Have To for Kindle and if it's anything like her blog, it's gonna be a great seller.  

Before I made it out of the house for lunch with my Aunt & Uncle, I read the latest from RagstoStitches about Sole Hope and I cannot lie, I cried at the video of the things that are happening a world away from me.  I cried for helplessness, for misfortune, for poverty, for innocence. 
So I did what I could do and I gave what I could at that very minute, a donation of $10 for a new pair of shoes. Oh the things that we take advantage of.
Maybe you'll take a peek and see if you can help too.  
Let's be part of a ripple tide of kindness. 

Cowl neck cream colored shirt from Wet Seal, clearance last year for $8, a steal!
Beaded necklace from some little jewelry shop in London's Heathrow Airport years ago.

Today's outfit: 
cream colored, cowl neck, cap sleeved blouse (say that 3 times fast!) 
brown floor length maxi ruffled maxi skirt (oh maxis, how I love you, let me count the ways)
 flip flops, and some fun, funky, tealish kinda bling. 

It was flowly.
It was floaty.
It was flirty.

Old Navy maxi skirt circa 2008, love this thing, it just moves well. 
Teal colored feather earrings and braclet from Charlotte Russe, tattoos - all mine.
p.s.  do it real quick...just breathe!  In (allll the way)....(hold it).....let it out...
There, don't you feel better? 

After a quick lunch with my aunt and uncle I headed off for yet another little trip down the road to get one of my oldest friends (yeah, we go waaaay back, like-met-when-we-were-single-digit-ages-back) at the closest BART train station so we could start off our girls weekend of good food, old friends, family time at Christian camp, hot yoga, catching up, sleeping in, hanging out, and just plain ol' fun.  
We're having a sleepover.  We're going way back. 
Except this time, there's less fruit-by-the-foot and more fruit-in-our-cocktails.

So that's my Thursday, what I wore, who I read, what I watched, where I went, and what I hope to continue for the rest of the weekend.  Hope you all have a great one too!

~ Lauren 

pleated poppy

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