Wednesday, June 13, 2012

me & my {beautiful} mess: 101

                                       who's that {girl}?
{just a girl}
Her name is Lauren.
California born in the 80's, raised in the 90s,
unapologetically here to stay
wanderlust runs through her veins
30"ish", told she has an old soul, still always hearing herself say
"when I grow up..."
she's a writer and an adventurer,
always defining her world with words & pictures
grounded in faith, hope, love, yet always open to a
 new direction to set her sails
oldest of three, daughter of many, child of God

her {beautiful} mess:

Single homeowner
{Survivor Mud Run, April, 2012}
public servant
amateur photographer
crafter who is always finding  a new inspiration
lover of good food & clothing | hater of dishes & laundry
skilled multitasker | terrible procrastinator
learning to fly | refusing to sink

{DahLo, they are a pair}

her {loves} 

hot yoga
all things {coconut}
dresses & flip flops
Summer nights & sunroofs
thunderstorms & lightening
sushi & sparkling wine
finding the {perfect} words
{music} ... for it makes her world go 'round
her friends: the old | the new | the borrowed | the blue
her family | the sum & the parts

her {suspicions} 

she was a cowgirl, a blues singer, and a comedian in a former life
she will never be out of the service of helping others
that it's all just begun & the best is yet to come

...and {so} ...

she sits
keyboard at her fingertips, laughter on her lips
tears in her eyes, heart on her sleeve
word by word, line by line
simultaneously brave & vulnerable
breathing life into her writing, her sharing, her wishes, her dreams, her sorrows, her hurts, her passions
learning every day to accept her tragically, comically, full, and curiously
{beautiful} mess that she calls her life

will you join her?  
will you share  with her the stories you call your own?
please do.
for what are words, if we cannot share them with each other?

so, sit down, stay a while, & enjoy the scenes from this {beautiful} mess

{a favorite picture from a Point Reyes day trip a few years ago: this old, rusted boat,  having seen better days, left abandoned in the shallow marsh, and weathered by the elements, but still refusing to sink}

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