Thursday, June 21, 2012

WIWW & the {Wallflowers}

  It's Wednesday & this is what I wore…
(well, really, this is more about where I wore it, why I wore it, and who I wore it to go see)
This is picture heavy, because that's just what I do.

the evening's dress code was "smart-casual"
for s&g, I put on my old glasses for the smart part... 
smart might look cute, but LASIK is just more convenient
I do miss those frames though...maybe next week's dress code will be "faux-smart-casual"

{oh bracelets, you will now always be the secondary bling on my wrist
I just love this new tattoo so much, it's my forever accessory}
On the way to our "smart-casual" event, we made a couple of stops.

1) the Berkeley Bare Essentuals store, where I scored a great deal and had a nice chat with a new acquaintance. Seriously, I should own stock in BE by now.
2) Philz Coffee, for a Mojito Mocha, yes you heard right, mint IN the coffee…and it was waaay worth the long-short detour.

{score for frequent buyer cards!  & a coffee shop where you can leave your favorite mug behind for when you come back and visit again}
What I Wore Wednesday:
army green shirt and black leggings from Target (old)
coral blousy tank (Ross)
Carlos Santana boots (Ross from last year and a steal at $50!, I get more compliments on these boots than any other shoes I own)
{love the Bay Bridge}
Our route down Embarcadero to Bay St was s-l-o-w as m-o-l-a-s-s-e-s, but the music was good, the weather was beautiful, and the company was great. Nevermind that pesky fire that burned down Pier 29 and shut down the street (that explains it!), we eventually found a new route and just made the show as the doors opened.

Last week my friend, and fellow blogger, Lynn, announced on Facebook that she had won tickets to see a private taping of the Wallflowers by Live! from (((the Artists Den)))
Remember them? They're still around and they have a new album coming out.
I admit, I don't really follow the band, but I am a huge music lover and so I volunteered (and had to beg, borrow, and practically steal for a couple of hours of time off to be able to go) to take the extra ticket and run off to the city for the night.
{the Wallflowers and front man Jakob Dylan, oh what a voice}

Bimbos on Columbus St, despite the name, is beautifully aged and very classy.

Even classier, the Ladies room attendant was name Millie Jean and she was just the sweetest thing.
Who needs Cinderalla's Mirror when you have Millie Jean to call you "babygirl", tell you how pretty you look, and remind you to untuck your shirt from your panties before you walk out into the crowd.
Every girl should have a Millie Jean.

{this is Lynn...framed by the Bimbo sign}
The show was great, the crowd was definitely smart, totally casual, and very, very San Francisco.
Here's to Wednesdays and to the Wallflowers!!!

pleated poppy

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