Thursday, June 14, 2012

{create} your own stage

I've been sitting on this idea of starting a new blog, a new chapter, a new reflection of me for a few months now.  I am no where new to blogging or writing.  It's been my therapy, my catharsis, my best friend for many, many years now.  However, as much of myself as I put into my own words, I've always felt safer not broadcasting my writings.  Mostly just for me, they've lived tucked away in HTML, stumbled upon by the few who would find me, and seen by only a handful that I had invited.  

But then, in becoming part of the blogger generation, I have read, followed, stalked, and admired so many other women (and men) who market themselves and share their words without reservation.  I have been encouraged by these familiar strangers, by my family, and my friends to share my gift of writing freely.  Unapologetically.  Proudly.

So, early this morning, before dawn, and after decidedly choosing my new title, Me & my {beautiful} mess, I wrote a new description of myself, my life, and my writing purpose.

Par for the course, with the Universe reinforcing that I was headed in the right direction once again, I paused this afternoon to sit down with my family for lunch, and when I cracked the cookie and saw this, my heart smiled.

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