Friday, June 22, 2012

call it a {sign}

{bedroom wall art}
I'm a collector of things.

Maxi dresses
Scrapbook supplies en masse
Hard Rock Cafe guitar pins
Shot glasses from 'round the world
Picture frames
Costume jewelry
Memories many things.

What I noticed today as I half-awake wandered around my menagerie wondering how I could possibly ever move if/when the time came & where I could even start with the de-cluttering that's years overdue now... {just breathe} ...I started noticing the text tucked away on shelves, magnetized on appliances, pinned on cork boards, placed strategically on ledges & windowsills as constant reminders.

Before the material goods took over, I was a collector of quotes. I still am.

I am often baffled at the reactions from people, who from the outside looking in, think I am always motivated, inspired, content. Truth is, it's a struggle more often than not. Life is hard. The to-do list, self-imposed as it may be at times, is overwhelming.

I need help. We all do.

Ive found that in those my moments of despair and even in those of peaceful clarity, I turn to words for comfort, healing, & inspiration.

At some point, without even knowing it, I started strategically placing some of my favorite literally breadcrumbs all over the museum I call my home.

And so with the thought in mind, "what good is any collection of works if it they can't be shared with the world?" I started snapping away with the intent of inviting you all to enjoy my collection of words with me.

Maybe you'll find one that inspires you.

~ Madame Curator LC

{Christmas present from my brother}
{corkboard, fridge art, & a journal that goes with me everywhere these days}
{Hallmark reminders & magnets with great messages}
{a reminder to not settle, I refused to be underwhelmed}
{family room signs, collections from exceptional individuals, signs from a Haiti fundraiser}

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