Tuesday, May 21, 2013

it's just {stuff}

It's all just stuff.
I found myself having a pity party this weekend.
Listening to my dog's look-at-me-Ma barks and my footsteps echo of the walls in the empty room.
Looking around wondering how I accumulated all the stuff that fills up my house.
My house.
Wondering why it matters that I continue to work to maintain a house that I keep just for me.
Trying to figure out what to do next and how I get to my Dreamland that seems so far away.
And then Oklahoma happens and I see it all in it's turbulence, strewn all around in heaps and unrecognizable piles on the street, places that used to be homes and havents.
And then I realize that it's all just stuff.
A bunch of stuff.
And it's not that important.
It really isn't.
So the people and the relationships...yeah those:
That's what's going to get me to my Dreamland. 
A harsh reminder that we're all we've got and we're in this together.
God be with Oklahoma.

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