Saturday, March 30, 2013

one {step} at a time

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; 

just never give up."― Dean Karnazes

Exactly a year ago tonight, I was preparing for my first ever 5K.

Fitness, on most levels, has never really been my strong suit. 
In fact, I went to see a military recruiter just out of high school 
and after they told me that I needed to loose 20 lbs and start running, 
I decided I was out. 
Just like that. 
No military career for this gal cause she was too attached to her baby fat.

I always had an excuse: 
"I'll do a 5k when I lose 10 lbs"
"I don't have the lung capacity" 
"I don't want my junk jiggling all over the place in public"
#drama #liesItoldmyself

Then one day last year, my BFF from work and I decided we'd enter a group mud run
and we'd train with a local 5K in a regional park a few weeks before. 

Our "easy" run, our first 5k, the "training run" on the trials we thought we knew 
was the slipperiest, slidiest, messiest, muddiest adventure I had to date. When the torrential downpour would let up a few minutes at at time, we'd look at each other and just laugh and shake our heads. We paid to do this?!

It seemed like a cold rain soaked, wind blown, mud slung forever to the finish line
but when I got there, to the end, more rewarding than the water or the bagels or the shelter or even the cool finishers medal, 
 was my sense of accomplishment, my long sought after to-do checked of my fitness bucket list .

A 5K a couple of years ago might as well have been climbing Mount Everest. 
Today, it is quite literally a walk in the park.

Yeah, I still can't run the entire thing without having to stop and walk for a while.
My thighs are still chubby and they still rub together.
I still feel like hell for about a week after the long runs. 
But ya know, I earned my right to call myself a runner.

Tomorrow, I will do my 10th organized run in a year.
In the last year, I've run down 10Ks, 8 mile trail runs through the mountains, 
and now I've got my eye set on a half-marathon and Tough Mudder. 
Things I thought I'd never do. 

I just had to go back to basics and do like Nike is always saying.
I just had to put one foot in front of the other. 
Even if I had to say it in my head with each one, 
I just had to take it one step at a time.
Mind over matter over mud, 
I just had to do it. 

Running & small goals like a 5K a month at a time remind me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

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  1. Your amazing!!! ThNk you for sharing!! And for your encouraging comment on my dreaded week!!!

    I am dying to run! God knows I muss those darn endorphins like mo other!
    Thanks for being an inspiration:) I'll be back in no time!!