Saturday, January 5, 2013

{400} Oak Trees: what my dreams are made of

Well, it is really no secret that I've had quite the long standing love affair with the South.
Say...since I was 12 years old and read through Gone with the Wind one Summer like it was a nursery rhyme.
A really long, petulent nursery rhyme.
Fast forward to Nicholas Sparks and every novel he's ever written
and every movie that's ever been translated to a screenplay and well there you have it.
This place {collective deep sigh}: 
 The Wormsloe Plantation in Savannah, GA.
It was on my travel bucket list when I went to visit, oh a year and  half ago,
but...I never made it.
I half suspect that I had to keep something still on the list so that I'd have a good reason to go back again.
I think that in this year that I've declared to be one where I get back to what makes me think and dream and feel free again
- the one that feels authentically me again, travel is a must. 
I must go see this beautiful place that haunts my happy thoughts.
You see, in the movie version of my life, I live in a place like this.
My driveway has 400 sentinel oak trees that welcome me home every day
and an army of 400,000 crickets that lull me to sleep every night.
The only thing that could make this better is if I was at home
watching these movies  next to my fireplace while listening to the rain beat down on my tin roof.
Be still my mossy oak tree driveway lined, balmy weather, accent lovin' heart.
Be still. It's coming all in due time.
This blog post was brought you you courtesty of:
the ABC Family channel and their full night of Nicholas Sparks-esq movies.

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