Sunday, September 2, 2012

Snippets & Soundbytes: Simply {Sunday}

Well, it's my version of Sunday at least. 

There's music, pictures, food, a little bit of comedy.
I managed to make it through 14 hours of work...
yes, 14 hours (0200-1600) in one piece, but 
determined not to hit the couch face first right when I got home. 
Shift work ain't for the birds.  
Honestly, it's half the struggle sometimes.

We're in another Indian Summer around here.
Typical for these last few years.
Hot August nights roll into sultry September days. 

It was 95* when I got off, but a gentle breeze was calling as a reminder to
 open all the doors and windows, 
put on some Zac Brown Band and let the light come streaming in. 

Everything around here, the hills, the leaves, the trees 
are shades of brown, orange, and red. 
The sun is setting earlier and earlier, painting everything in sepia tones. 

I ended up in the backyard watering the thirsty garden and then while
Emma "supervised" I finally picked some tomatoes.
I tell you nothing beats home grown tomatoes. 
This is actually the first time this year they've made it into the house. 
I usually grab a handful and snack on them while I water early in the morning.

I have more tomatoes than I can use myself, 
so I plan on gifting some of them to my mother. 
Especially after this text she sent me a couple of weeks ago: 
See mine in the picture up top and hers? 
They're from the same nursery and planted at the same time.  
I have no idea what happened to them, but she's killing me with this diatribe. 

Thirty minutes later, fresh off of a weekend road-trip home from Lake Tahoe, 
I convinced my friend Mellissa and her husband Dave to join me for a pedicure. 

Exhausted and completely willing participant to the calf and foot massage I was getting, 
I fell asleep with this gem of a tune playing in the nail salon. 

I thought this kind of music was legally only allowed to be played 
on Midnight Special DVD Collections at 3am and in elevators?
 Yeah, see, 14 seconds into the song and you're probably comatose too. 
 I was out. 
There might have been drool.

{sidenote: some kind of power of suggestion, my nails are the exact same color as my car. Weird}
Nothing cures a massage chair coma like a Freeb!rds burrito and 
a few more tunes on the drive home with all the windows down.  
This familiar old song is straight out of my ... pre-teens

Yeah, this is twenty (one) years old!
21.  It's old enough to legally drink now!

Ah, anyways, here I am now, blogging a little bit of my night before I finally give in and go to sleep.  
I have two whole days off (fingers-crossed) and no solid plans.
Maybe I can finally get to that stamp collection I've been meaning to organize.
Just kidding.
 But I'm sure I'll find another adventure in the next 48 hours. 

Hope y'all have a great Labor Day Holiday!

Stay thirsty, stay classy, stay safe my friends!


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